CAZENEUVE focuses its R&D policy of continuous improvement of productivity and ease of use of its machines.

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From our teach-in lathes (which was a worldwide succes) to our last "intelligent" lathes (more information), our technological leadership is deeply rooted in our experience of turning and our proximity to users.

To see in preview the latest innovations by CAZENEUVE, like the hand-held drawing in front of the machine, do not hesitate to watch the company's presentation film.

  • Pragmatism coming from background and daily commercial contacts
  • Feedback from users
  • Extensive technological intelligence
  • Tailor-made solutions


CAZENEUVE develops and mobilizes the multi-disciplinary expertise of its engineering office:

  • Special know-how concerning materials resistance
  • Design
  • Co-development
  • Programming
  • Command & control
  • Mechanics
  • Etc.