Lathes CT / CTN

The CNC lathes for mass production (CTN and CT ranges) are now replaced by the OPTIMAX PLUS range. Read more about the OPTIMAX PLUS production lathes.

CTN 160

tour CTN-160.png

CTN 16

tour CTN-16.png

CTN 16 : adapted to the needs of the National Education

  • Motor power: 9 / 11 kW
  • CNC NUM (T PLUS) ou FAGOR (8040 TC)
  • Turret 12 stations VDI 20

CTN 210

tour CTN-210.png

CT 200

tour CT-200.png


  • 2 axes on linear rails aiding rapid and precise movement.
  • 12 tool station bidirectional rapid-index automatic turret.
  • Slant bed with 4 slides. Independent bed for the tailstock (optional depending on model).
  • Headstock with high precision spindle cartridge.
  • Maximum rotational speed from 4,500 rpm to 6,000 rpm.


  • Designed with cast solid slanted beds, taking advantage of the newest technology, with numerical servo control and absolute axes.
  • User-friendly screen.
  • Robust and compact.
  • Dynamic and very precise


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