OPTICA video

new system : OPTICA - OPTIMAX V3

Possibility to work in "Manual" mode (with cranks and maniulator) in open doors ... while benefiting from assistance for the production of complex parts.

  • Optimum ergonomics, considerably reducing adjustment times
  • Intuitive handling

Full presentation of the new OPTICA - OPTIMAX V3 system


  • Perfectly suited to the realization of single parts, prototypes and small series, or repairs of parts whatever their geometry. It is therefore particularly suitable for toolmakers, maintenance managers and all those in charge of training the mechanics of tomorrow.
  • Machining, even complex, without programming (right sequence of machining, conical, with rays or chamfer) but with the possibility of backup and storage.
  • Threads and repair threads (automatic release, with metric thread, Whitworth, conical, ...) by a specific key for directly positioning the tool in the thread for easy reworking a piece.
  • Programming and viewing information on a large 19 '' touch screen

old system : OPTICA v2