Conventional milling machine

CAZENEUVE brings a modern and economical solution to renew your conventional milling machines.

FV 340

  • Strokes: 850 x 340 x 500 mm


FV 340 (2).jpg

Tilt head + horizontal spindle + Universal head (option)


  • Digital display of the speeds on the movable console Heidenhain ND780
  • Continuous variation of spindle speeds and feed
  • DRO with 3 axes scales (increment 1/100 mm)
  • Prismatic slides on the 3 axes
  • Hydraulic clamping on 2 spindles. ISO 40 taper.
  • Large table and system backlash elimination on longitudinal axis
  • Individual power feed to all 3 axes
  • Vertical head, with sliding drilling large diameter quill (130 mm) to allow angled drilling (angle ± 45°)
  • 2 separate spindles, horizontal and vertical, each with an independant drive motor
  • 2 gear box ranges on the 2 spindles
  • Easy and precise orientation of the head with a pinion and wormwheel
  • Centralized automatic lubrication system for all axes
  • Cast-iron structure to ensure high rigidity and maximal accuracy
  • Universal head ISO 40 (option)

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